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Massage Gift Voucher FAQs

What is an Urban Massage gift voucher?

Vouchers can be used to purchase massages with independent therapists, through or using the Urban Massage app. Vouchers can be delivered to the recipient either via email or as a physical card, and contain a unique 13 digit code that can be redeemed against services.

What if I want to cancel the voucher for a refund?

We offer a fourteen-day cancellation policy with a full refund on all gift vouchers, provided they haven’t been applied to an Urban Massage account or redeemed against massage treatments. If you would like to cancel your gift voucher please email, quoting the 13 digit code.

How long is a voucher valid for?

Gift vouchers are valid 12 months from the date of purchase. This time frame cannot be extended.

How can I spend my gift voucher?

If you have received a voucher, you will need to create an account through or on the Urban Massage App (available on iPhone and Android). Enter your unique 13 digit code in order to redeem the value of your voucher against the massage treatment of your choice. Any remaining credit will stay in your account for 12 month(s), and will be applied to your next purchase.

What is the difference between a promotional code and a voucher code?

A promotional (or “promo”) code is a one-time discount that is typically given to first time customers, or to existing customers on special occasions. Only one promotional code can be applied to a booking at a time. A voucher code is a unique, 13 digit long number found on a gift voucher. It represents a monetary value and is redeemable against as many bookings as it covers until the value runs out. For more information on promo codes, please check the ‘Promo Codes and Referrals’section on our T&Cs.