Thai Massage (without oil)

This calmly combines massage with gentle yoga to help you gain flexibility and feel relaxed - you'll be fully clothed and on a mat for this one.

boosts blood circulation and releases tension along acupressure points

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art that is deeply holistic and uses an energy line system through the body. Your therapist will use his or her feet, hands and elbows to apply pressure to important acupressure points on these lines to release blocked energy which helps your body to restore balance and harmony.

This Thai Massage treatment can alleviate shoulder, neck and back. The treatment can also be used to energies or relax you and improve your flexibility. This treatment can bring your mind into the absolute present moment giving you a complete feeling of bliss.

Your therapist will customise your Thai Massage treatment to suit your body type.

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Thai Massage (without oil)