Shiatsu Massage

A truly holistic treatment that uses compression and stretching along Ki lines of the body to restore energetic balance.

Shiatsu massage is a dynamic treatment performed at floor level that can increase flexibility and relaxation.

Shiatsu is a Japanese Physical Therapy originating from Chinese medicine. Shiatsu literally translates as 'finger pressure'. Your practitioner may also use their thumbs, palms, knees and feet along energy lines of your body to create a balanced state of mental, emotional and physical harmony. Like Thai massage you can expect a thorough, yet comfortable application along the soft tissue of the body.

Shiatsu can help with relieving specific tensions in an area of the body such as the neck, back or hip. It can also reduce stress, aid in sleep and deeply increase relaxation. In addition, Shiatsu has many of the other traditional benefits of massage including increased circulation.

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