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Spa of the World™

This treatment combines Swedish massage with an indulgent twist of Monoï Oil that will leave your skin glowing.

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What is a Spa of the World™ massage?

Based on a traditional Swedish massage, this is an ideal first time treatment with a truly indulgent twist. The tiare flowers used within the Spa Of The World™ Polynesian Monoï Radiance Oil are grown on the islands Tahiti and Moorea French Polynesia are and are hand-picked by local women at 5am, just before the petals open. The oil is then produced by soaking the petals of the tiare flowers in coconut oil. French Polynesians have used Monoï oil as a natural skin and hair softener for thousands of years. Designed in collaboration with The Body Shop®, this deeply relaxing experience will whisk you to an island paradise and leave your skin glowing.

Who would benefit from a Spa of the World™ massage?

Anyone from bloggers to athletes may feel the benefits of this treatment, which releases muscular tension and promotes a general sense of well-being.

People who may choose to select this treatment:

  • New to massage treatments.
  • Primarily focused on relaxation, but prefer something more energising than a relaxing massage.
  • Prefer lighter pressure.
  • Want to feel calm, composed and radiant.
  • Enjoy the emotional release of using empowering essential oils.

People who should not choose a Spa of the World™ massage:

  • Those allergic to or with an intolerance to nut oils. (Brazil nuts, coconut and sesame seeds.)
  • Looking for deep pressure. Try a deep tissue massage instead.
  • Those with general massage contraindications, including anyone who cannot use essential oils and pregnant women.


Potential Spa of the World™ massage benefits

  1. Warms and stretches superficial tissue.
  2. Increases blood flow throughout the body.
  3. Promotes a sense of wellness and relaxation.
  4. Decreases cortisol levels in the body, reducing stress.
  5. Monoï Radiance Oil can be used as a moisturiser on the body, face and hair.

During your Spa of the World™ treatment

Before your massage you will remove your clothes (except for underwear), and lie on the table covered by a towel. Your therapist will use Spa Of The World™Polynesian Monoï Radiance Oil to apply various massage strokes, which will gently warm your muscle tissues and gradually break down any knots.

Spa of the World™ techniques

This calming massage relieves muscle tension and increases blood circulation around the body. Your therapist will use Spa Of The World™ Polynesian Monoï Radiance Oil to gradually soften the muscles through long, slow strokes and gentle-but-firm pulling and pressing. This treatment is relaxing, and you shouldn't expect to feel uncomfortable at any time.


What is the difference between a Spa of the World™ treatment and other types of massage?

This is the only treatment that uses Spa Of The World™ Polynesian Monoï Radiance Oil. The Body Shop® source only the finest natural ingredients, and this unique blend is also enriched with conditioning Community Trade Brazil Nut Oil, Coconut Oil and Sesame Oil. Combined with Swedish massage techniques, this soothing treatment should leave you feeling calm and composed.

Does a Spa of the World™ massage hurt?

This type of massage shouldn’t be painful. If you do experience discomfort at any time, talk to your therapist and let them know. They will be able to adjust their pressure until you’re happy.

If your therapist decides to apply a few deeper techniques or work on any particularly tense spots you may be slightly sore in those areas the next day.

After your Spa of the World™ massage

Should you feel any aches after your treatment, take a warm bath and be sure to drink plenty of water. If you've been experiencing a lot of stress you may feel emotional, so it's important to make time to rest.

What type of therapists specialise in Spa of the World™ massage?

Therapists who have experience in spas, a background in beauty therapy, or are qualified in Swedish massage. They may also offer an energising or relaxing massage.

This page describes the most common techniques for a specific type of massage. Your therapist will tailor your treatment to your individual needs based on their expert knowledge and experience.