Trains. Planes. Cabs. Dinner.

All the things you can book at the drop of a hat. But try and do something to make yourself feel better after all the trains, planes and stressful dates, and what do you get? Nothing quite so convenient.

Not just that, but when Jack – our CEO – asked a therapist what they were getting out of the treatment price he'd just paid, he couldn't believe what he heard. Ready for the answer? It's 20%.

So Jack convinced Giles – our CTO – to drop out of uni in his last year so they could do wellness better. And the two moved into a flat in Ealing to start Urban. That was 2014.

The rest, well, that's what you're helping us build.

Now our mission is a little broader

We want to provide convenient, affordable access to whatever makes you feel equipped to handle city life. And we want it to be so easy to fit into that life that you've got no excuse not to have the massage you need, the osteo your back's been asking for or the facial that leaves you refreshed after a week's commute.

We also want to do it in a way that makes it fair for the wellness practitioners who provide those treatments too. So we have an ambassador programme, and work closely with our practitioners so we can ensure we're building a platform that's convenient, flexible and profitable for the real heroes of the wellness world.


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