Energising Massage

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Wakey, wakey! This treatment is the perfect antidote to a poor night’s sleep, low energy levels or a nasty case of jet lag. Get ready for a new day.

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What is an Energising massage?

This refreshing treatment uses a variety of massage techniques alongside hand-picked essential oils to awaken your senses and boost your energy levels. Whether you need to excel at a meeting, beat a personal best at the gym, or spend a night on the town, this massage will leave you feeling motivated for the task ahead.

Who would benefit from an Energising massage?

Anyone feeling fatigued, mentally sluggish or simply jet-lagged.

People who may choose to select this treatment:

  • Looking for a smooth way to get energised.
  • Feeling sluggish or run down.
  • Training for a race or sporting event (think about following it up with a Sports massage).

People who should not choose an Energising massage:

  • Relaxation is a priority. Try a Relaxing massage instead.
  • Those with general massage contraindications, including active cancer, acute infection, cellulitis, thrombosis and acute allergies.
  • Pregnancy. Try a pregnancy massage instead.

This massage is vigorous, so should be avoided by people with bleeding disorders, low blood platelet counts and taking blood-thinning medications such as Warfarin.

Massage therapy is not a medical treatment or a substitute for treatment. If you are dealing with low mood, depression, or receiving treatment for your mental health, check with your healthcare provider before seeking massage therapy and inform your massage therapist about any health concerns.

Energising massage potential benefits

  1. Energises the entire body.
  2. Increases blood flow and activates circulation.
  3. Enhances oxygen levels in the muscles.
  4. Promotes mental and physical rejuvenation.
  5. Revitalises sore and tired muscles.


During your Energising treatment

Before your massage you will remove your clothes (except for underwear), and lie on the table covered by a towel. Only the area that is being worked on will be uncovered. This can be daunting for some but professional therapists are used to the human body and make every effort to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment.

Your therapist will use a pre-blended energy oil to deliver your massage. They will take care to avoid administering tapotement massage onto the bony areas of your body, including your spine, joints and knees, but don’t hesitate to let them know if the pressure is ever too intense.

Energising massage techniques

This massage includes tapotement in form of; cupping, hacking, beating and plucking, with plenty of kneading and effleurage too (long strokes). Your therapist will tailor their technique to your specific needs.

After your Energising massage

You should feel energised, less tense and have improved circulation. You may find that you enjoy maintaining this sense of vitality by having massages more frequently, perhaps alternating Energising with Relaxing or Urban Classic massages.


What is the difference between an Energising and a Relaxing massage?

An Energising message is upbeat, fast-paced and vigorous, while a Relaxing massage uses long, slow strokes to get you ready to rest.

Does an Energising massage hurt?

Your therapist will use the edge of their hand, a cupped hand or the tips of their fingers to administer your massage, which will be completely tailored to you. It should never be too intense to handle, but if you’re ever uncomfortable tell your therapist and they’ll adjust their technique.

What type of therapists specialise in Energising massage?

Most massage therapists should be able to offer a wide range of techniques tailored to the individual.

This page describes the most common techniques for a specific type of treatment. Your practitioner will tailor your treatment to your individual needs based on their expert knowledge and experience.