Cooling Massage

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Keep your chill when the temperature is running high with this calming, cooling treatment that relaxes the body

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What is a Cooling massage?

City life in the summer is a challenge, no bones about it. Stuffy offices and waiting on station platforms that feel hotter than the Costa del Sol can make the summer heat feel relentless. But we’re not about that. We want you to be able to book wellness that works for you, even when the mercury is peaking, which is why we created our Cooling treatment.

Using coconut oil - the best oil for cooling - your therapist will slowly, lightly apply flowing strokes to your body to release your muscles and calm your nervous system. They’ll spritz the room with a peppermint-infused mist to balance the humidity, and will keep you feeling refreshed and cool by tucking a cold cloth beneath you - perfect when the weather’s got you hot under the collar."

Who would benefit from a Cooling massage?

Anyone who wants to relax and de-stress whilst keeping their cool (so, pretty much anyone in London in the summer!) It’s perfect to have in the evening, on a weekend, or whenever you fancy some wellness that'll keep your stress levels low.

People who should not choose this treatment:

Looking for deep pressure. Try a Deep Tissue massage instead.
Those with general massage contraindications, including active cancer, acute infection, cellulitis, thrombosis and acute allergies.
Those with sunburn.
Pregnant women. Try a Pregnancy massage instead.

Cooling massage potential benefits

Leaves your body feeling cooled and refreshed
Calms the central nervous system.
Promotes a feeling of comfort and security.
Decreases cortisol levels in the body, reducing stress.


People who might choose this treatment:

Looking for a relaxing, cooling treatment.
Prefer lighter pressure.
Want to feel calmer.

Cooling techniques

The last thing you want when the air is sticky and the fan is cranked up to 10 is to feel anything other than super-relaxed. That’s why this massage uses the long, slow strokes and kneading movements. Your therapist will also pay special attention will be paid to the head, face, neck and face, for a fully cooling, full body experience.

What is the difference between a Cooling massage and other types of massage?

The biggest (and perhaps, best) difference between the Cooling treatment and the other ones we offer is the oil and products your therapist will use. They're specially chosen and crafted to soothe and cool your skin - making self-care in the summer even more bearable!

After your Cooling massage

This type of massage uses a light touch, there’s a chance you may still feel slightly sore in places where tension was released. Also, even though your therapist will be using coconut oil, massage can cause a warming effect, simply due to the fact that friction is caused between your therapists hands and you.

Be sure to drink plenty of water after your treatment, to help flush away any toxins that were released.


Does a Cooling massage hurt?

This type of massage shouldn’t be painful. If you do experience discomfort at any time, let your therapist know immediately.

What type of therapists specialise in Cooling massage?

Therapists who are qualified in classic, Swedish-style massage. They’re also likely to have a background that’s more beauty-therapy focused, as well as experience working in spas.

This page describes the most common techniques for a specific type of massage. Your therapist will tailor your treatment to your individual needs based on their expert knowledge and experience.