Hygge: what is it and why is it good for you?


That cosy feeling you feeling around winter time when you’re comfortable and snug at home? It’s called hygge. We answer all your hygge-related questions and uncover how it can really be good for your health.

What is hygge?

Like we said, it’s a word that perfectly sums up that warm feeling of cosy contentment you get when you’re truly relaxed. Originating in Denmark, the term is derived from the sixteenth-century Norwegian word ‘hugga’, which means ‘to comfort’ and is related to the english word ‘hug’. In 1957 The New Yorker published an article titled “Letter from Copenhagen” that declared hygge was ‘ubiquitous’ in the city, and the feeling of coziness has been associated with Denmark ever since.

How do I pronounce it?

The correct way to say it is: hoo-ga.

What do I have to buy to be hygge?

If you search online you’ll find there are hygge books, hygge pillows and hygge mugs etc. but hygge doesn’t require you to actually purchase anything, just be conscious and enjoy the little things in life that make for cosy moments.

I thought it was all about interior design?

Hygge has since turned into a homeware trend but really decorating your home with anything that makes it feel more homely for you is considered hygge. We suggest fluffy pillows, soft throws and scented candles as a good starting point to create optimum comfort.

How else can I practice hygge?


Create a comfortable space for yourself and find a little ritual you can indulge in every day. This could be as simple as brewing a cup of tea in your favourite mug or buying yourself flowers from the local florist to something that requires a little more skill like knitting or making fresh loaves of bread.

Why is hygge good for my health?

At the heart of the idea, hygge is about appreciating the simple things that bring joy to your life. Similar to practicing mindfulness, hygge encourages focus on small pleasures whether that be a knitted blanket, kind words from friends or a home cooked dinner. Taking time to physically relax is great for you too, especially for city dwellers whose stress levels are higher than ever.  

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